Encourage Your Child

Encourage Your Child to go to school

  • Make sure you leave interesting books and materials lying around for your child to explore.
  • Always behave like student and let your child teach a lesson to you , this way he will start loving school and teacher .
  • Never over expect and de-motivate our kids, try to always Motivate them!
  • If you demonstrate excitement about learning and are open to your children pursuing their own interest areas, it will be hard for them to resist the opportunities.
  • Always explain to your child what’s the use of learning is, and how it will be useful for future.
  • Also, assure them that it’s okay if they don't make always Top Grade; If they're truly doing their very best it'll show!
  • Try to go beyond classroom teaching, always help your child to explore new things.

Steps to make your child love school

  • Talk with your child about the things you read and hear, especially the things you find interesting.
  • Pursue your own hobbies and interests. Share these with your child, but do not require that he or she follow your pursuits.
  • Read books. Read on your own, which sets a good example. Read to your kids, to get them hooked on books. Have lots of books in the house. Have bookcases and show how you value books.
  • Expose your child to a wide variety of experiences including music, plays, sports, museums, travel, reading, dance, games, food, puzzles, ethnic activities, etc.
  • Play "thinking games" with your kids.
  • Remember that you are your child's best teacher.
  • Provide your child with free time.
  • Start sooner, rather than later.
  • Let them know that school is important by being supportive of the school.

Not to do things

Try not to go overboard about grades. If your child makes a low grade, don't scream and yell, but instead show them what they did wrong and help them understand. For good grades, don't buy big, expensive things to celebrate (at least not all the time).

  • by- Gangotri Kumari
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