Building Confidence in Your Kid

self confidence

Kids at young age are vulnerable and it takes effort of family, friends and themselves to build confidence. You as a parent play a very important role in raising your child having confidence.

Certain points for parents to help in building up confidence:

• Accept your kid and be patient and supportive. Confidence cannot be forced out.

• Encourage your kid for public speaking. It helps to overcome shyness and builds courage which is a main ingredient for confidence.

• Always smile and motivate your kids when they talk to you. Always motivate them.

• Kids follow example so you lead by example. Parents should be confident and assertive when dealing with others especially in front of their kids.

• Avoid pressuring and having high expectations from your kids. Give them the space they need to grow up.

• Accept flaws of your kids and don’t criticize them. Use positive words to help them overcome their obstacles.

• Avoid any kinds of harsh punishment.

• Avoid showing too much concern.

• Help your kids make good friends. Teach them the value of having and being good friend.

  • by- Jayant Sarkar
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