Challenging Profession Of Teacher

challenging profession of teacher

We see that a teacher’s workload is apparently never ending. With all the extra time required for paper grading, lesson planning, IEPs, and paperwork, a 40-hour work week for a teacher is almost non-existent. Sometimes must have to work on Administrative task too. This is tiresome work and managing academic work over it is very commendable job done by them.

But teaching can be demoralizing for many reasons — demotivated students, helicopter parents, disorganized administration, lack of financial incentive, lack of prestige in our society for teachers, etc.

As per one of teacher Satish Jaiswal, Following problem faced by Indian teacher

1)       There are bright student’s producer but never considered for bonus.

2)       They are given lot of non-teaching job like election, population counting

3)       A lot of contract teacher recruitment that’s why hardly well qualified people go for contract job

4)       They are not given regular training to enhance productivity.

5)       They are not responsible for results also once result is not good.

6)       Lot of reservation in teacher job which breaks the bone of education.

7)       Infrastructure is also not provided, many places 1–5th class student study together in govt school.

8)       In many state govt. They are not given proper medical facilities and HRA.

9)       Salary is not common for same level.

10)     Teachers are not motivated to give good results.

When teachers feel overload I often find that they are over-planning their lessons or trying to generate too many resources themselves. It's important to build up a bank of readily available shared resources and to develop an agile approach to teaching that enables you to get students working and engaged without relying too heavily on you and your materials. Teachers often act as solo-operators and spend too long reinventing the wheel with resources. Collaborate more and keep the planning light-touch.

However, we also understand that students can benefit more from a teacher who is well rested, and fully present than one who is burnt out and exhausted. Not to mention, it’s extremely important to take care of yourself for your own health. These teacher tips come straight to you from a National Board Certified Teacher with 11 years of classroom experience, Angela Watson, who has been blogging teaching techniques and organizational tips for over a decade. She introduced these 6 tips to provide a helpful guide to lessen a teacher’s workload in order to achieve a closer-to-40-hour work week and a better work-life balance!

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