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Children's Day: 9 Awesome Activities For You & Your Kids.

Children’s Day is celebrated every year in India on November 14, the birthday of the country’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Here are Nine great ideas to spend time with your children on this occasion, that are fun, healthy and can help strengthen your relationship.

1. Make It a Back-to-Nature Day

Take your kids to the park, breathe some fresh air and get some sunlight. Both you and your kids will get some exercise, have fun and get a break from the concrete jungle. Engaging in some physical activity in a space free from pollution can have a tremendous effect on the body’s health and rejuvenation.

This is not just for aerobic exercise but because there is a constant exchange of air from within and without.

2. Make Some Children’s Day Treats

With the combined onslaught of food, flavor and commerce these days, kids and even parents sometimes choose taste over health when it comes to food. But healthy food can also be tasty food. Take some time off to prepare one of the tasty, healthy snacks , so it's a special treat for your children.

3. Read Together

Reading is known to have many benefits, including slowing cognitive decline, removing stress, and boosting memory and vocabulary. Do keep in mind that some of these benefits may be lost if you read on a tablet. 

4. Try Some Yoga For Health, Peace and Joy

Yoga For Health: Directional Movements

Yoga for Peace: Nadi Shuddhi

Yoga For Joy: Nada Yoga

5. Plant a Tree Together

Planting and nurturing a sapling is probably one of the simplest and most effective things an individual can do to combat climate change. Plus, caring for another life can allow a child to experience a sense of inclusiveness.

6.Buy yourself an amusement park ticket

Go crazy. Ride the swings which you were once scared of which used to send chills down your spine. Shout your lungs out while riding. Feel refreshed afterwards. Try gun shots and see how many balloons you can still burst. Bet on the teddy bear with a friend. See who wins. Celebrate the win with a candy ice cream.


We all used to love drawing. Colouring. Sketch pens, crayons, water colours and so many more things which used to bring out our creative side. The drawing book used to be our favourite in the bag. Get your hands on some crayons, pencil, eraser and a plane sheet of paper. See if you can still draw that beautiful.

8.Ring a neighbour's doorbell and run

This was one of the best mischief that all of us must have done in our childhood. Let's do it again. It was so much fun then, and it would be fun even now. It is annoying for your neighbour, but, it is Children's Day! Ring the doorbell of the apartment in the same corridor as yours and run! Do not forget to open your door before.

9.Steal a flower from someone's garden

We used to steal the roses for our favourite teacher every morning. Do it now, for yourself. Pluck a flower and run away before the gardener finds you.

  • by- JANANI RAO
  • SUNDAY, NOV 12, 2017
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