Education is the root of success

Education is the root of success

Education is the root of success. When we talk of education, we only see its certification and not the fact that it provides immense knowledge and a wider vision of perspectives. Education is the most powerful weapon which can help one change the world.

Education does n’t always mean sitting in a class or writing an exam, it is much more than that. It makes the person knowledgeable and interactive by boosting one’s self-confidence. Educate yourself every day, not only through books but also through practical knowledge and life experiences. Education never goes waste, it is the sole thing that will help you throughout in reaching your goal.

It is the movement from darkness to light. Never stop learning, the moment you think you know everything, that is when you know a little.

Education is the only asset that can never be taken away from anyone nor can it be stolen. So make complete use of this intangible asset and create your own space in this huge world.   

  • by-Divya Rao
  • Sunday, Jul 15, 2018
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