Pre-School Selection

How to Select Pre-School for your Child?

It is very natural for every parent to get curious, anxious while selecting pre-school for their little one. A pre-school is child’s very first step towards formal learning in a structured environment. But the problems of plenty with varied options, every pre-school come up with their unique feature makes you difficult to choose the right one. Let’s explore different common parameters which every parent should consider.

  • Safety: Safety was never a concern in pre-school in earlier days, things are changingof-late. Sorry to mention that safety became primary concern in pre-schools now. Every other day we hear one or the other negative news about school safety. Below are few disturbing news confirms safety should be primary concern for your little one
  • Travel Time: This has to be minimum as this is their first experience outside their home, they should not feel tired till they reach school. If they are using common vehicle as part of school transport, please check with transport staff and check with school management if they have completed background verification of those individuals.
  • Right Age for Pre-school: Every kid is different, but general perception is any time after 2 years of age, kid is ready to go to pre-school. We see different levels in pre-school: Play-school, Nursery, LKG, UKG etc. We see one trend among kids; kids fall sick very regularly during first month of their school, probably because their immunity is not fully developed till then. It is up to parents to decide when to put kid in school.
  • Visit your Selected School: This is MUST. You can’t put your kid without visiting and unless you yourself is comfortable with the school. Please try to check everything, their infrastructure, classrooms and their amenities so that your kid will really enjoy while going school. Please keep your eyes and ears open so that you will not miss anything there. Also check if schools have cctv, live streaming facilities and if they are working or not.
  • School Staff and their qualification: Check with school management, their recent history and how are their staffs are.. Enquire casually on their staff qualification while visiting the school. Try to understand their process, if possible meet your kids class teacher as well. Check how cheerful class teacher is, is she co-operative and warm enough so that your kid will really enjoy while is in school. This is because your kid need to spend their for few hours every day and this place is building block for their future.
  • Child Development: After around two weeks, check with your kid if he is eager to go to school or is he try to avoid. Interact with your kid and enquire what all he did in school today, what class teacher asked him to do in class, how co-students reacted at him. This will give you an overall feeling about the school.
  • by- Arunima Adhikari
  • FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017
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