How To Teach Manners To Your Toddler

kid learning table manners

How to Teach Manners to a Toddler


1. Teach Polite words 

Always begin conversation with your kids with few nice words "Please" "Thank You" "Execuse me" etc.

2.Give Respect , Take Respect 

Always behave , communicate with your toddler with respect . As your kids follow you so they will also behave gently .

3.Never disrespect anyone in front of your kids

Be careful while shouting on phone or shouting on your family members , avoid this first even if you can't avoid it make sure your kids , toddlers are not around .

4.Spend quality time with your kids 

Always try to find quality time from your busy schedule and play with your toddler and try to have nice conversation , even if they cant speek use good sign language with always smiling face .

5.Ask Her to join table along with family members 

Always try that your kids ( from 2 years ) join you along with your other family members on table during dinner , lunch and teach them manners , how to behave on table .

6.Make sure your toddler hears a good speech from you 

When you remind a child to say “please,” do so as part of good speech, not as a requirement for getting what he wants. And be sure he hears a lot of good speech from you.



Never miss any opportunity to teach the importance of being well-mannered. With most young kids eating 3 meals and 2 snacks by 12-months of age, there will be plenty of practice.


Never speek rude and avoid punishing them.


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  • by- Gangotri Kumari
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