Make School Comfortable

how to be comfortable in school

Schooling is stressful. Students should know how to be comfortable in schools. Here are few tips to help.

1. Make friends with students who have similar interests.

2. Have a best friend at school with whom a student can share.

3. As per interest join some interested activity clubs or society. It can be any music, dance, public speaking, and sports clubs etc.

4. Students should play sports at schools especially team sports like football or cricket. Sports help in physical development in students as well as build characters in students like team activity.

5. Have a good healthy breakfast before going to school. It gives energy and student is active throughout the day. Some benefits of fruits can be found in this links.

Benefits of Apple

Benefits of Lemon

6. Always be organized as it helps to avoid confusion and last minute surprises.

7. Always start your homework as and when you got one. Don’t procrastinate for the last moment.

8. Talk to other students, teachers and parents. Call out for any help.

9. Be humble and show compassion.

10. Pay attention in class and don’t be distracted during class sessions.

  • by- Jayant Sarkar
  • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2016
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