Mental Development

Mental Development of Kids

Child cognitive development is based on kind of experience they gain and mark by their certain activity or pattern of activities. With time and experience; their problem-solving skills, memory, reasoning and thinking abilities get honed and developed. As a parent, we always tend to focus more on child’s physical growth and their activity; but sometimes we miss out to provide necessary attention towards their mental growth. It is also not like as straight forward as to measure their height or weight in case of mental growth. We need to observe their different activity towards others or towards their friends during play to measure intellectual quotient. As per famous psychologist, Piaget child intellectual development divided into multiple phases. Let’s try to understand different psychological stages of childhood.

Sensory Motor Stage:

This is typical 0-2 years of age of child when most of the parent notice following activities by their kid.

  1. First four months (0-4 months), child starts with very elementary motor movement like grasping or sucking, kids are involved in repetitive activity during this time.
  2. Next four months (4-8 months), we see kids are involved in more repetitive activity like try to touch hanging toy or crawl to the other side of the bed. This is secondary circular reaction. This activity continues till one year of age.
  3. During one and half year of age of child;kid start finding new ways to play and repeat the same activity in different way. They use different things like pillow or pencil to get the toy to his place, instead of directly taking the toy. This is called tertiary circular reaction.
  4. At the age of two years, child starts showing some sign of solving activity mentally; this is very initial sign of mental activity, but every kid is different and each takes their own time to develop.

Pre-Operational period:

This early childhood intellectual phase is from 2 to7 years of age and we notice following development in them

  1. First two years at this stage, i.e. during 2 to 4 years of age, child develop their language skill. They start using one complete sentence during their conversation. These sentences are not always very logical but as parent you really notice and enjoy this development. They also mention the activities they performed during pre-school.
  2. Later three years (4-7 years), child develop proper speaking skill and their communication, sentences are more meaningful now. Kids start using simple logic to comprehend. Kids at this age, also start playing games with others using simple rules. This is their intuitive phase of their life.


Mental Development of Kids

Concrete Operation Phase:

For this stage of intellectual development, mental growth takes place from the age of 7 to 12 years in child.

  1. Children have lot of queries in their mind at this age and they want to understand everything in logical way. They start understanding logical patterns and they try to use them as well while communicating.
  2. At this age; child goes to proper school, does the classwork at school, note down homework tasks and completes the homework once they are back home. This way, child remembers their regular activities, have solid understanding and cognition of what is to be done for what.

Formal Operation Phase:

This is the fourth or final stage of child mental development which starts from 12 years of age. Below development noticed in child during this stage

  1. Kids start to use logic in most of their queries and they need deductive reasoning against all of their queries before they agree. Kids start solving complex logical problems and utilize their brain to think and apply in problem solving on abstract sequences.
  2. This is the final stage of their cognitive development when child is able to start understanding and think about abstract concepts.

Every child is different, all children develop at their own pace and in their own way.
Let them develop their own way and enjoy the every stage of growth. Child’s physical as well as mental growth is highly accelerated in initial life of his/her life.


Please do not put unnecessary pressure on your little one.

  • by- Ishan Adhikari
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