Presentation in Class

class presentation

Presentation in class can be fun and a good learning experience. It can also be intimidating so let’s carve a plan to present perfect in class presentation.

1. Research the material

To do good presentation, first thing is to research good on the material to present. Books and internet helps.

2. Main ideas on Note cards

Write notes or main idea on index cards. Just write main points and do not write details.

3. Practice Presentation

Practice makes perfect. Practice in front of familiar audience before like friends or family and get constructive advices.

4. Smile at your audience

Smile at your audience during presentation and be happy.

5. Make eye contact

Have good eye contact with your audience. Don’t look at your cards or notes all the time.

6. Be sure to have inflection in your voice

Be animated about your topic. Talk about it as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

7. Use hand motions

Move your hands along as you talk, using them to emphasize points and keep the audience interested.

8. Have a good conclusion

You should come up with something creative for conclusion as that is the last impression audience have.

  • by- Jayant Sarkar
  • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2016
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