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School Transport Safety

School transport and it’s safety has become major concern for parents recently as people get worried if their little ones are late while returning from school. We do see school bus accident news every other day; it happens due to rash driving by bus drivers, due to bad road or even because of drunk drivers cause accident early in the morning. Below are few to dos for Parents and Kids while commute to school.

Kids should be Aware of

  • Don’t enter into bus while bus is in motion. Let the bus stop first and wait for door to open.
  • Don’t put your hand, head or arm outside of window. This cause maximum number of accidents and bus drivers also get distracted by seeing this.
  • Don’t run in front, behind or beside of school bus as bus driver may not able see you properly.
  • Make sure you reach to designated bus stop at least 10 minutes before bus arrival, so that you don’t need to hurry at last minute.
  • Never play with Emergency Exit (Door/Windows). It may open all of sudden and cause severe damage.
  • Don’t speak to strangers at the bus stop or while returning from school. Inform your parents if some stranger tries to talk to you.
  • If some of your belongings get dropped from school, never try to pick up by yourself. Inform the bus assistant/bus driver and request them to get you back.

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     Parents must be Aware of

  • Parents must keep Transport-in-charge and Bus driver’s Mobile number handy. This will help you enquiring in case of delay in reaching school bus.
  • Parents should check with School Management if Bus Drivers are reliable and if school management has done due diligence before appointing them.
  • Parents should be aware of Kids bus route details (different stops in the route).
  • Parent should have fellow kid parent mobile numbers available who are travelling on the same route.
  • Help your child to memorize your mobile number, so that he/she can inform people in case of emergency.
  • Inform immediate to school management along with bus route details once you notice any Rash driving by school bus.
  • Make sure your kid(alone) is not the first one and last one to leave. Maintaining this is not always possible, but please try as much as possible.
  • It is your responsibility to educate your kid aware of school safety and take care of your Child Safety and make every step possible. School Management has their own duty and I am sure they do all necessary checks before appointing someone.


    But don’t be at their mercy and verify from time to time to make sure your child is safe during commute.

    • by- Rumpa Adhikari
    • MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2016
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