How to Select Pre-School

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Kids Mental Development

Child cognitive development is based on kind of experience they gain and mark by their certain activity or pattern of activities. With time and experience; their problem-solving skills, memory, reasoning and thinking abilities get honed and developed. As a parent, we always tend to focus more on child’s physical growth and their activity; but sometimes we miss out to provide necessary attention towards their mental growth. It is also not like as straight forward as to measure their height or weight in case of mental growth. We need to observe their different activity towards others or towards their friends during play to measure intellectual quotient. As per famous psychologist, Piaget child intellectual development divided into multiple phases. Let’s try to understand different psychological stages of childhood.

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Healthy Food Tips - Apple

  • by- Anuja Verma
  • FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 2017
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Do Well in School

Do Well in School
School is an important part of your life. It will help you to determine what you will be doing in the future and learning how to learn well sets you in a good position for lifelong capability. There are many ways to improve your grades so that you do really well at school. Whether you're a failing student desperate for a higher grade, or a less-than-perfect student struggling to get the last point, or simply wanting to shift from the easy mark zone into the higher marks, this simple guide will be helpful for you. Be organized. Being organized helps you work better, relax and be ready to find and hand in stuff on time. There are plenty of ways to self-organize and it is best that you find the method that works best for you. The key is to be able to find what you need with ease, including the retrieval of information and your notes. Set up a system as soon as possible, including things like a good computer filing system, a good paper filing system, a desk-clearing policy (at least weekly) and a neat arrangement for your textbooks, writing books and associated reference manuals and books.

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  • by- Ananya Singh
  • SUNDAY, DECEMBER 04, 2016
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Girl Child Education in India?

  • by-Gaurav Gupta
  • Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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How to Balance Homework Load of Your Kid

  • by- Madhuraj Kumar
  • Friday, September 16, 2016
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