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Admission at Orange International Pre-School & Day Care!

Orange’ believes that relationships form the predominant context for growth and learning in infants. They develop emotional security and basic mental processes through strong and secure relationships.

Infant Care, Preschool & Daycare

Infant Care:  

At the core of our Infant Care programme lies a team who loves children, and their dedication to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment for them. They follow a specifically designed, customised curriculum based on research from USA, UK and the Netherlands. The curriculum helps the infants in our care to gradually progress through milestones and developmental tasks that will help challenge, motivate them just enough to develop their specific strengths and a fearless, thriving personality.

Infant Care : 6 Months to 1 Year

Pre- Toddler : 1 Year to 1 Year 6 Months

Toddler : 1.6 Years to 2 Years 6 Months


Why Orange is the best for your baby?

  • 5:1- Infant to Child care trained Teacher ratio.
  • The babies have a well-structured routine; which helps the infants adjust fast and feel safe, secure and happy.
  • The Teachers have regular in-house training and a well-designed, comprehensive curriculum to follow, to maintain the promised standard of support.
  • Our Infant Care Wing is well attired with Baby Cribs (beds), Child- Safe toys, Food Chairs and Mosquito Nets.
  • Complete sanitation is maintained; so you can be rest assured your baby will be guarded against any contamination.


Quality education in the early years of school life forms a firm foundation in the overall development of a child. Orange’s pre-school program enhances a child’s inherent curiosity and provides rich and carefully resourced environment to stimulate learning, wonder and creativity in children.

Our Pre School encompasses the following programmes which are drafted meticulously by a highly experienced & qualified Curriculum Advisor and Educational Content Writer, helping your child to truly grow!

Nursery : (2.5 Years)

LKG : (3.5 Years)

UKG : (4.5 Years)

Our teachers wield a combination of various fun activities and follow a standardised curriculum that strengthens your child’s thinking skills, practical concepts and latent creativity.

Day Care:  

The Orange Day care caters to children as old as 10 years. A stimulating environment for growth filled with fun, love and concern, which lets your child interact with other children in a more laid back setup. The children specifically benefit from being around peers of all ages, developing social skills.

The Day care time, is time for children to feel very much at home, yet be around friends so that they are always happy to be at Orange than be bore at home. With a selection of nutritious and delicious snacks, we offer Homework Assistance after which they are allotted Free Time where they can venture to the Block Zone, Art Zone, Park or Sand Area. Put that on your plate!

The Orange Table : Lunch, Nap-a-doodle, Snack Time, Homework Assistance with Staff supervision, Activity Group & Socializing Time, Play-care

As a parent you can be sure that the time your child spends at Orange will be nothing sort of splendid, stimulating and super fun!

Why Orange ?


All parents have full access and coverage to areas of the school where their child engages with work and play, through the school hours


A meal to heal! Our menu is designed by a professional nutritionist, specifically crafted to provide both taste and nutrition, and accordingly revised every month. Prepared in our very own kitchen’ so that your little one can receive it uber fresh and piping hot!


A crew that’s passionate about caring and educating young minds, coupled with industrial strength patience and a boatload of affection. Our staff comprises of trained, experienced and an educated teaching personnel that believes in guiding over directing.


Sameena Zaheer is an Education Specialist and a Special Educator, who pays weekly visits to help and support all developmental areas of Orange Preschool and Day care. She oversees training of the teachers and counselling parents, enhancing the quality of education being imparted to your child.

She bases her research and study of the needs of the children at school, to customise and fine tune the curriculum so as to cater to the overall enhancement of the children, parents, teachers, staff and environment. {*Content constraint}


A safe and well-organized commute facility to and from Orange that aims to run like clockwork, and is attached with a navigation tracking device. Additionally, for the children of our Day-care, we offer pickup facilities from regular schools.


Orange offers an international curriculum that combines the traditions of the Montessori Method, Reggio Emilia approach, Froebel’s Play way, Kindergarten and Waldorf system, which is not only stimulating and relevant to the 21st Century but also accelerates educational development of child, with as much emphasis placed on preparation for the future {* Subject to additions}


A prudently designed structure that flawlessly harmonizes child accessibility, reliability and refined aesthetics, and with the smart usage of space since no one room is designed or dimensioned the same, giving a boost to your little one’s imagination and nurture their aesthetic sensibilities.

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Infant Care, Pre-Toddler, Toddler, Preschool, Nursery, LKG, UKG & Daycare


09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Age Group

6 Months onwards
Batch Size Depends on the program offered


Please Contact School
Locality AECS Layout
Address No.555, AECS Layout Main Road, C Block, Kundalahalli, Bangalore -37
Contact No +91 80 4952 4425

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