Summer Camps at Serra International!

Your child will play, yet learn the science behind these experiments in a fun way!! They will get to create their own journal of science, something to treasure as their first experience with science :). So hurry up and sign on …. Limited seats available!!!


This curriculum has been designed keeping them in mind!
Following is a glimpse into some of the fun activities that are going to be part of this Summer Camp :-
Ramp Experiments, Sound Experiments, Magnetic Experiments   These Experiments will enhance the thinking and Problem solving skill. This will also make positive impact on Decision making scenarios. Robotics is the Future of 21st Century!!
Atelier of Light, Cosy Light Cave   young children have the time and space to do their own research into various aspects of the phenomenon ‘light’. To experiment and form hypotheses, to make compositions, to ask themselves and each other questions and to discuss.
Making Popcorn, Milkshake blending   Children improve their creative side in a delicious way. Making Popcorn and milkshake blending is a fun way of satiating the taste buds!

More Activities

Construction Play   Building toys have significant cognitive and academic benefits for children of all ages. Not only are they fun and exciting, but they help kids develop a wide variety of skills and abilities. They help prepare kids for school, sports and life!
Sun Catchers, Sun Experiments   Sun catchers will extend their thinking across multiple patterns of intelligence, builds self esteem and engage kids through a varity of learning styles.
Air Power Exploration, Straw Rockets, Rocket Science   This straw rocket paper craft has many benefits like developing eye hand co-ordination, sequencing skills, attention skills, patience, temporal spatial skills, math reasoning etc.

Some more Activities

We also have other activities during Summer camp for the Kids

• Jal Tarang
• Bubble Exploration, Rainbow Snake Bubbles
• Squishy Science
• Flashlight Shadow
• Good and Bad Conductors
• Squirt Gun Painting

..... and many more.

Schedule & Pricing


8th - 26th May 2017
Batch Timing 10AM - 1PM


Rs.4000 (for Serra children), Rs. 4500 (non-Serra children)
Age Group1 2- 4 Years
Age Group2 4- 6 Years
Contact No +91-9535039535, 80-41146739
Locality AECS Layout, Brookefield
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